Of Ash And Dew

   When I started using Hero's Journey, a fantasy roleplay workout book from Darebee.com, I thought it might be fun to take it a little further. It's a roleplay workout which means you're given a new workout and new scenario every day, and you're often given a choice of how to approach the situation which will affect the workout itself as well as the story, sometimes impacting future events through a karma system. So, as someone who is a bit obsessed with fitness and extremely obsessed with fantasy, this concept appealed to me ridiculously, and I thought I'd write a bit of a background for it, too. The story of the quest itself is a bit vague, but that makes it easier to create your own path and character.
   Yes, I've taken it a bit seriously.

   The background story evolved into a progressive story instead, one which I've been writing as I progress through the workout. I've not been reading ahead more than a few days (but I've been making a point of not looking at the workouts themselves, only at the scenarios), so I don't really know how this is going to work out in the end, but I thought it could be a great exercise for my writing, too, a mental as well as physical challenge. So, each day I use the workout - which is a 60-day workout which I use 5 days a week - I write an installment for the story to match, as long as that day's workout lends itself to an interesting development. This means that some days I'll skip writing and merge two or three days together where suitable, rather than dragging it out into a dull read.

   Like I said, I don't know how this is going to work out, and I also don't know if I'm even going to manage to finish it. The upside is that the end is already in sight because I know that the story should finish around the end of July, just like the workout itself, lasting about 12 weeks.
   But it's just a bit of fun in the end. To me, the workout is what matters, and I do have a lot on my plate. Trying to prepare my Etsy shop for summer, get my book out on the market as well as, most importantly, writing my present book, if something has to go on the back burner it will certainly be this. So I'm trying not to take it too seriously.

Of Ash And Dew

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