Canvas Cakes

   Drawn in by gorgeous porridge and smoothie bowls, I wanted to try something different. And who doesn't love cake?! And so came the canvas caske, developed as a means of providing a high-protein, high-fibre but virtually carb-free base for my breakfast. But this wasn't in an effort to go low-carb - it was, in fact, to get out of it.
   Made with coconut flour, whey protein, an egg white, water and a smidgen of baking soda, the totally white and flavourless canvas cake can be sweetened, flavoured, topped and decorated to your heart's desire. Using fruit, yoghurt, honey and all kinds of granolas, nuts, seeds and, occasionally, biscuits, it's easy to see why canvas cakes are awesome.
   Especially when the basic recipe packs 130 calories, 2.5g carbs, 21.5g protein and 5g fibre.

   My original canvas cake recipe has seen a lot of adjustments and provided countless delicious breakfasts and easy Sunday morning creativity, allowing me to indulge my passion for decorating cakes without the damage to my waistline. And it's so easy to do! And with so few ingredients, one bag of coconut flour and one bag of protein powder can make loads of the single-serving recipe, baked in 1 minute 30 seconds in the microwave. It is a high-protein, coconut flour mug cake, but one with exceptional nutrition that encourages toppings in order to ensure the carbohydrates required of a breakfast, without getting repetative.

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