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    A Blackbird's Epiphany readers have access to exclusive health & fitness offers (as well as a few feel-good pick-me-ups), from money off of activewear and discounts on post-workout protein all the way to total health food freebies! Take a look below and see if anything catches your eye.

   You are welcome!

Food & Nutrition Offers:
MyProtein - 30% off £35+
   High-quality protein with very few ingredients - instead of spending £20 for 40 servings of 17g protein (as is the case with most post-workout shakes like PhD, filled with needless added ingredients and a list as long as your arm), spend £18 on 20g with only 5-6 ingredients, and more flavours than you can shake a stick at. Also high-protein chocolate, fitness clothing, low-sugar, high-protein dessert mixes, protein pancakes, cooking ingredients like herbs or fruit powders, protein cookies - the list goes on!
   Spend £35+ on and save 30% with the code KIM-R3Z9
TRIBE - £5 off your first booster box
   An amazing brand full of all-natural protein bars, powders, energy bars and hydration sachets (like electrolyte tabs, but without the extra rubbish). Buy multipacks, or subscribe to their booster box weekly, fortnightly or monthly, tailored to your training and goals, whether you're a runner, yogi, crosstrainer or resistance junkie. Subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.
   Get £5 off of your first Tribe booster box.

Graze - 1st, 5th & 10th boxes free
   Great for healthy snacks, this subscription box (cancel any time) can be delivered either weekly or fortnightly and contains 4 healthy snacks chosen at random. You have full control over what can and cannot be in your box - by removing a snack, or 'binning' it, you'll never receive it. Mark something as 'love' and you're more likely to receive it more often.
   They've rolled out a variety of boxes, such as chocolate, breakfast, sugar-count, light (all under 150 calories) and lots more!
   Get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free by following this referral link or using the code KIMW2WW6P when subscribing to your chosen box.

Simply Cook - first box for £1
   A weekly, fortnightly or monthly cooking subscription box (cancel any time, one off boxes available) containing 4 recipe cards and all the necessary herbs, spices, sauces and stocks to make them. Just add the fresh ingredients. This makes it perfect for those of us who don't want to shell out a fortune on an all-inclusive box with enough ingredients to make one meal within 2 days of receipt that won't quite stretch around 4 people, or will simply make too much and result in waste food. The recipes are designed for 2, but I have always and easily stretched it to 4 by increasing the meat and veg. The herbs, spices, sauces and pastes included are still very vibrant - there's no danger of 'watering down' the flavour.
   Get your first Simply Cook box for £1 with the referral code KW9055 - choose from 'all', 'light' (under 600 cals), gluten-free or vegetarian boxes, and choose your meals.

Tribe - first box for £1
   A weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription box (cancel any time) of 6 all-natural energy-giving and protein-packed snacks tailored to your gender and training, including cross-fit, yoga, HIIT. The box combines a number of energy-releasing snack bars, full of oats and fruit and all kinds of good things, to keep you going while you're working, and protein-packed goodness for when you're done!
   Get your first Tribe box for £1 with this referral link.

VITL - free 2-week trial
   Vitamins and minerals subscription box. Everything your body needs in daily pods - a multivitamin, krill oil (omega 3), an MG:CA mineral capsule and a dose of super greens antioxidants.
   Free 2-week Vitl trial with the code eKM5HiXm. Never run out of vitamins and minerals again!

The Protein Pick & Mix - 10% off
   Absolutely amazing website that stocks individual diet bars, cookies and the like, rather than full boxes, making it easy to try so many new products, and the selection of brands is amazingly huge!
   Get 10% off of your first order and try PhD's diet whey cookies or Reflex's RBars - there's so much to choose from, and it's all packed with protein!

25% Off Wolf + Scott Pancake Mixes
   Gorgeous organic pancake mixes that are non-GMO, vegan, free of any added sugars and artificial ingredients and only 80 calories per serving. Get 25% off Wolf + Scott's 250g pancake mixes with the code ABE25

Activewear Offers:
Fabletics - first outfit for £22
   Kate Hudson's gorgeous activewear brand. You can get your first full outfit (top & bottoms, and some sets include a jacket/sports bra) for £22 with free UK shipping. Free returns and exchanges, too! I love them! Just sign up via this referral link to secure the offer!
Their fitness wear in UK sizes 4 to 30 is genuinely amazing quality, the fabric is soft, moisture-wicking, flattering and really quite unique in terms of design. There are loads of new designs and patterns every month, too, so there's always something for everyone, and they keep to current trends. It is available as either a subscription service (pay monthly and use the money added when desired) or as a standard fitness store (purchase when you want something), just be sure you untick the subscription box during checkout. The subscription can be cancelled any time with no fee, however, and customer service is excellent.

Workout Program Offers:
Cody Fitness Streaming - 50% off your first program
   A video platform filled with all kinds of amazing workouts and workout programs, from yoga to HIIT, kickboxing to dance, Pilates and barre, even meditation and nutrition. And what's more, get 50% off of your first Cody program with this Cody referral link!

Feel-Good Offers:
Birch Box - £5 off your first box
   Everyone deserves a little luxury every now and then, so here's £5 off of your first Birch Box with my referral link! Hair products, make up, skin care and toiletries all delivered in a gorgeously designed keepsake box.

Myth of the Wild - 10% off
   My own Etsy shop featuring wildlife terrarium necklaces and book flower jewellery. Get 10% off with the code BBE10 forever.
   Custom orders are absolutely always welcome, but discount codes cannot be used against them as they are priced according to the work. Discount codes cannot be used against listings for gift sets or full collections either, as they have already been discounted.


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