Monday 1 June 2020

4 Ways To Get Fit You Probably Didn't Think Of

   Once upon a time, you would mention working out and, for most people, conjure images of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his friends lifting heavy weights in the gym. These days, that's not quite the case - but a surprising number still recoil from the idea with that very image, or because they thing the only other options outside of the gym are running or cycling.
   Not true. For many people - many fit people - this way of working out is simply not fun and doesn’t match up with their individual goals.
   Some people prefer much more team orientated or varied in order to keep themselves motivated to return time and time again. If this is you, then we will explore a few alternatives to the gym that you can get stuck into.

Dance classes

   Dance is a great way to find your rhythm and get fit. And with so many styles and types out there then you are spoilt for choice. depending on your location at least. Plus some dance schools are focussed towards entering competitions in the long term, thus providing some who wish for it a competitive goal to work towards. You get to meet new people and in many schools travel for competitions, so a dance school can really open the doors to a whole new world for you. Why not get in touch with a local or national dance school and see what they have to offer. For those looking for something organised and group-centric, dance is a great way to workout.


   Somewhat different and at times hard to come across, trampolining is still a unique and fun way to keep fit and work up a sweat. From gymnastic size trampolines to individual-sized bounce classes.tampolining will absolutely blat your core while toning your legs and tummy. If you want to try but are shy about meeting new people, why not get yourself an individual trampoline for the spare room and follow along with a Youtube video?


   While a bit difficult to find adult classes depending on where you live, gymnastic exercises and workouts, when performed correctly and safely, will give you the strength and powerful look of a Greek statue. If watching the Olympics every few has given you the itch to try your hand at the pommel horse then get in touch with a nearby gym or gymnastics coach. Some of the equipment requires skill to learn safely and effectively, however, once the core knowledge is learned, performing the exercises at home in a safe manner can be achieved quite quickly.

Martial arts

   Certainly not for everyone, but the benefits of martial arts classes go well beyond the physical aspect. Knowing how to look after yourself should the need ever to is a great psychological boost and the physical transformations that come along with it are a great motivator as well. Due to the massive popularity of martial arts classes, it can be hard to find the right one and that is a whole other article in of itself. A good place to start would be local boxing, kickboxing, or Jiu-Jitsu gyms and go from there. Thankfully the online community of martial artists is massive so getting a second opinion about a school before you pay for lessons is a good idea.


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