Saturday 5 January 2019

(Knockout) Birthday Bash

   It's January. Christmas is behind us, and my birthday is in a few days' time, so the festivities aren't quite over. But with my birthday falling so early in the year, I'm now in fitness mode. No, don't feel bad for me, I love it, and I've had more than enough chocolate and ice cream over Christmas and my husband's birthday that I'm more than happy to pick up more sustainable habits again. If not actually relieved.
   I have one more month of my present training plan before a month of Core de Force, which means I start the year knowing exactly what I'm doing, as well as being in the third month and highest personal tier, meaning the heaviest weights I can presently manage and providing the biggest challenge of every plan.
   But, as its birthday/fitness-node, I've given myself the usual epic start to the year, with a lovely new pair of leggings and lots of protein goodies, as well as a few in particular for my birthday.

   I bought a Christmas hamper from Boostbox - 14 full-sized high-protein, low-sugar goodies including chocolate orange spread by Grenade, candy cane Battle Oats Bites and a salted caramel Bounce ball. And since it also included a 40% discount on a Boostbox subscription, I bought myself a premium sub for my birthday. It's due before the 10th, yay.

   I also went to Protein Pick & Mix and bought a few repeats from the Boost Box hamper, as well as a few birthday cake protein bars - Battle Bites again, and the trusty Grenade Carb Killa bars - which I'm excited about. Especially since my birthday is a training day. Yay! Yes, I said yay!

   OYSHO had a post-Christmas sale and I bought a pair of leggings and gloves I've had my eyes on for a while. My first purchase, and I love it, they're even more gorgeous in person, and the gloves fit better than any other pair I have. 'One more round' in rose gold. Hell yes. And so very well padded on the palms. I've been keeping the leggings for my birthday, though.

  MyProtein also had a post-Christmas sale and were offering their 250g Prosecco BCAAs for £10 instead of £20. 50 servings will last me an age. And not only are they prosecco-flavoured, but they're gold shimmer. It's a party in the gym. Well, living room. Hey, no gym fees and I'm in full control of my environment. Balloons please. And here's a discount for MyProtein, if you're interested. 30% off of your first order of £35 or more, perfect for the new year!
   I also bought myself a new 10kg barbell plate from Fitness Mad

   I also bought a few goodies from local favourites, Bird & Brew. Alongside some loose leaf mince pie black tea, because I'm not totally ready to let it all go, I bought blue raspberry green tea, which turns purple with a squeeze of lemon, and the Curiosity Matcha set consisting of mermaid matcha, swamp thing matcha, ultra violet matcha, apple & pear matcha and chilli kale matcha. Some change colour. I want some dragon matcha, but perhaps I can work that out myself...on that note, I have a few awesome ideas...oooh I feel a project coming on...a dangerous project. Oh dear.

   I'm ready for a fit January that is, by no means, bland. Delicious new matcha teas, protein bars for low-sugar treats, new BCAAs and kit.


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