Monday 2 July 2018

Resistance Training - July to September

   Today, I go back to training. I had so much fun with Core de Force last month, but it's time to return to resistance.
   I got some serious results the last time I used Whitney Simmons' lower body workouts - I'm not kidding you, my bum's gotten bigger, and I am absolutely not imagining it. It's noticable. Why? Well, for a start, she knows what she's doing, but it's also because any time I've done resistance in the past it's been under the guidance of a DVD - and that's meant that it's all been timed, giving me no chance with the weights I had to reach muscle fatigue. But by abandoning DVDs and timed intervals, I was able to focus on form and depth over speed. I was also able to use my new barbell, which itself has meant that I have much heavier weights on hand and, in turn, requires a focus on form beyond safety. There's no use lifting a heavy weight if you're going to lift it wrong. You're more prone to injury, but you're also wasting your time on a more serious level because you're just not going to get the gains you expect.

   I've gathered three workouts - two lower body workout videos from Whitney Simmons, and the total-body workout Alicia Vikander used for her role in Tomb Raider. No, I haven't seen it, and no, I don't care to. They've never appealed to me. And neither does the crazy ketosis diet. But the workout, at least, looks good.
   But I'm also going to keep using Core de Force. Because every workout is made up of either 6, 9 or 12 3-minute circuits, I can easily use just 15 minutes of any of the workouts at the end of the resistance, and because every one of those 3-minute circuits sits in its own DVD 'chapter', I'm in no danger of repeating the first 15 minutes over and over again and exhausting half of the DVDs. I can pick up where I left off with no problem.
   But I'm also going to use a whole CdF session for one of my workouts at the end of the week.

Monday - Whitney Simmons' lower body
Tuesday - Core de Force Active Recovery
Wednesday - The Magnus Method (Alicia Vikander's workout) upper & lower combined, phase 1, via Women's Fitness April 2018, minus leg press & tricep push-down
Friday - Whitney Simmons' lower body
Saturday - Core de Force of choice.

   This is the plan for every week as of July 2nd to September 29th, perhaps with a week off half way through for some partial recovery and low-impact work. We will see if it's necessary.
   ...But, I admit, this first week should be a little different.
   In my experience, I'm always at my sorest when I start a new workout. It's the way for most people, but I found it even moreso when I started resistance training last time and I expect it'll go the same way this time. Immense soreness, despite 10-minute warm ups, 30-minute cool-downs and foam rolling on an afternoon & evening. So, this Friday, I'm taking it off. In favour of falconry.
   My wedding gift for Seeg was a falconry experience day, and he wants me to join him. So, this Friday, rather than take the day off to recover and sit on my very sore bum, I'm going to be flying some raptors. I am excited.


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