Monday 5 September 2016

September: BarreAmped Cardio Burn

   Despite what you may have thought, I actually really enjoyed using Suzanne Bowen's BarreAmped back in July, for both its incredible intensity and for the instructor herself, and I really wanted to try one of the others - notably BarreAmped Cardio Burn. The original DVD I used was just so intense but also really low-impact in terms of cardiovascular activity that I can't help wondering just how it could possibly be combined with cardio, so I really wanted to find out despite how much I know this is going to hurt.
   I'm totally unsure of what to expect, so I'm quite keen to try it out, and there are only three sections on this DVD rather than the four of the last, and they're 26 minutes, 17 minutes and 17 minutes. along with a warm up and cool down stretch just like the first DVD, so I know it's going to be perfectly set up.
   Because they're longer than the workouts on the first DVD I used, I won't be pairing them up like I did last time, instead I'm going to use one a day.

   I also got some gorgeous mint green and grey geometric leggings from Even & Odd, and I'm absolutely in love with them. I do love new leggings! I prefer capris, it's true, but the colour combination along with the pattern meant I couldn't say 'no'.

   Also, confession time: I hurt my back a little bit last month - the combination of kettlebells and Pound meant that my lower back didn't get much rest and now it hurts a bit, so I'm hoping that this DVD will give me a good workout while also easing off of lower back pressure. I'm also trying not to sit down for too long now (not easy when you're a writer and a blogger, since I spend most of my day at a computer) to try to help it.
   The upside is that, at the end of this month I'm actually going on holiday! Yay! For the first week of October, Seeg and I will be off with his parents to Texel Island, one of the northern islands of The Netherlands, for lots of walking and wandering, and that I think will also really help my recovery. I'm quite looking forward to it for the simple fact that it will give me a break from routine. My life is ruled by the clock - when I get up, activities, eating, going to bed - right down to the minute, and while that kind of makes me feel in control, it also makes me feel a little...I suppose the only word is 'trapped'. So to be put somewhere unfamiliar and torn away from my routine, I think it's just what I need - especially just before the Christmas rush.

   Yup, so, I'll write again in 2 weeks with how I've been finding Cardio Burn!


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