Monday 1 August 2016

August: Kettlercise For Women Volume 2

& Kettlercise For Women Volume 2 DVD review

   This month I'm returning to a tried and tested fitness program - Kettlercise. I've used their Lean In 14 and found it incredibly effective, and I've used their Kettlercise For Women volume 1  in the past and found it relatively straight-forward, though not unchallenging. There was a clear difference between the two, and I'm hoping that this month I'll be comfortably between the two.
   For August, I'm going to be using Kettlercise For Women, volume 2. As you'd expect, it's supposed to be tougher than volume 1, but I am expecting the same steady resistance and a fraction of the cardio that was involved in Li14.
   I plan to supplement it with Kukuwa which is extremely effective and reliable cardio because it's the only true full-body dance workout, and it's simply insane. So while Lean In 14 provided a great balance of full-body cardio/resistance itself, KfWv1 was much steadier and  expect volume 2 to be the same.

   Like volume 1, Kettlercise For Women volume 2 has three workouts: a 20-minute 'express' workout, a full-length 50-minute workout, and an 8-minute 'bonus' abs routine.
   You could be forgiven for thinking the 20-minute 'express' routine is a less effective option when it's compared to the 50-minute workout on the same DVD, but when I used it in volume 1, I found that the express program was quite effective. It used bigger, more challenging moves to ensure you got the most out of it. The 50-minute workout was still tough, but as it lasted longer, there was a wider variety of moves and a number were quite isolated, ensuring that you could last the extra 30 minutes. In a way, the longer workout was toned down. I'm expecting the same kind of set-up in volume 2.

   This month, I plan to use the 20-minute workout on Monday and Thursday, and the 50-minute workout on Saturday when I have the time. On Tuesday and Friday, however, I will be shaking things up and returning to Pound, which I used in January, and I'll be following both Pound and Kettlercise - both 20 minutes each - with Kukuwa for an additional 20 minutes of cardio every day. Wednesday and Sunday are, as always, rest days.

   And look! This month I got some new leggings - I saw these graffiti leggings from Reebok in Women's Fitness magazine a few months ago and I've wanted them ever since. I found them on sale on last week and snatched them up right away. £24 down from £45? Hello!!

   I'll be updating in 2 weeks with how I'm finding Kettlercise (I already reviewed Pound back in January and I don't expect it to differ much this time around either), and then again after a total of 5 weeks, and then a more formal DVD review.
   I'm not sure how I'm going to cope, though. I may need to eat a smidge more. Last month, despite BarreAmped being low-impact, I found myself struggling towards the end of the month, feeling heavy and run down. This month will be tougher, though it will be about 10 minutes shorter every day, so I don't really know that it's going to be much different overall. I'll be making a point to listen more closely to my body and not fear taking an extra rest day if I need to.
   August is a 5-week month this year, so I've got plenty of opportunity to use Kettlercise as well as to enjoy Pound again. I've only used it once, and I absolutely loved it.
   And for those interested, I determine the number of weeks set aside for a workout based on the day the month starts and ends; if a month ends on a Wednesday or later, I don't start a new workout until the following Monday, even if that's the 5th, and if it ends on a Monday or a Tuesday, I start a new workout on the last Monday of that same month, even if it's the 28th. Usually, I use workouts for 4 weeks, but every three or four months it'll last for 5.


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