Wednesday 6 July 2016

Darebee Hero's Journey - 60 Days Later

   Well, I've done it, I've finished Darebee's Hero's Journey. It was tough, I have to say - it got harder the further you progressed - but it was easily the most interesting workout I've ever done. The roleplay element kept it fresh for so very long and really appealed to the raging nerd that...well, it doesn't lie beneath the surface at all, it's very much out there for the world to see. Either way, it appealed to me hugely. And, to be honest, knowing I was doing something very different every day was another big boost. I never looked ahead to find out what the next day entailed, I focused only on that day and rose the next morning unaware of how easy or how cruel the coming hours would be. Sometimes I did two days at once because the first only took 10 minutes, or I found level 3 to be too easy and didn't get enough of a sweat. Sometimes it turned out to be a good idea. Other days it was torture. But once I started, I always saw it through, and I aimed for level 2 every day. If I could surpass it to level 3, amazing. If not, as long as I gave it my all, I could walk away, satisfied.
   I used a range of different soundtracks while working out, but I actually enjoyed Two Steps From Hell the most. In fact, you've probably heard them without realising it. Their music often plays over movie and game trailers. I've also noticed it popping up on adverts for stupid mobile games, and even on the most recent adverts - 'find your battlecry' and all that.

   The workout is a fantastic mix of resistance and cardio, with full-body days, lower body days, core, upper and so on, so nothing gets neglected, and they took me between 10 and 30 minutes to complete so it's far from unmanagable.
   I would love to use this workout again, truly. There's more than enough variety in the workouts to avoid boredom, and to avoid predictability on a second, third or quite possibly fourth time through, and given the choices you're able to make, and the karma system, you can shake it up a lot.
   I purposely aimed for 'weaker' options, not to keep it easy - because it wasn't easy, in fact sometimes the less heroic options were tougher - because I wasn't playing a hero.
   It's a role play workout, give me a break!
   And that's also where my short story has come in. The choices I made, and the repercussions from the karma system, shaped Of Ash And Dew (which I am still working on). The story of the workout was just the frame work, but my effort in the workouts filled the details.

   I've written a full review for this workout which will be going up in the next week, going over every aspect - the moves, the format, the karma system - so if you're interested but unsure, maybe can't quite get your head around what the roleplay aspect involves, I've got you covered!


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