Sunday 28 February 2016

March: Darebee Visual Workouts

   This month I'm taking a different approach. I saw an 'Assassin' workout on 9gag some time ago and thought it sounded quite cool, and shortly afterwards saw a 'Dragonborn' workout from the same source. They were simple enough: a body weight circuit to be done a number of times with the idea of training under a certain theme. Assassin's Creed as the first, and Skyrim as the second. I didn't look into the beyond the two images and I'm not really sure why - perhaps I did but the website I was led to didn't have very good navigation. I don't know.
   I saw the Dragonborn one again last month, this time on Pinterest, and I clicked the 'more from' only to be assaulted with awesomeness.

   Previously known as NeilaRay, is a group-run fitness website that consists of workouts, food and training programs for beginners to advanced. Those that appealed to me the most were the 'Visual Workouts' and included the two mentioned before. I looked through them - many of the titles meant nothing to me, but those that did meant an awful lot - and eventually collected up a great number of them that were all quite different from one another and were based appropriately upon a number of different things.
   I do have a workout DVD beside me that I'm keen to try, but I decided to put it off until April. Through March - for the next 5 weeks, to be exact - I'm going to use Darebee visual workouts.
   I've picked out six for the fact that I just couldn't choose, plus two more for safety. Three are cardio-focused, two are strength, and one is different to anything I've done before but have been keen to try the style for some time. I'm alternating them on a cardio to strength basis, but they all consist mostly of body weight movements that, when performed well, will all give a great cardio burn. The workouts I've selected are:

   Witcher (cardio), Super Saiyan (strength), Dark Side (conditioning/co-ordination), Korra (cardio), Dragonborn (strength) and Mulan (cardio). I also chose Bender and Assassin as alternatives in case one of the others doesn't work out.
   You might notice that both Dark Side and Bender use staves - I've had a bo staff for some time but rarely used it, having bought it at the same time as my bokken, which I have. I've been keen to try it out but I've always had so much other exercise to do that it got left on the side lines, especially as I've not managed to find an instructional DVD for it and I learn better with visual demonstrations. So both Dark Side and Bender seemed like a great opportunity - and Darebee has a selection of bo staff workouts, and bokken workouts.

   So, in short, I'm bouncing off the walls to try these. I often workout, visualising myself as someone else or in some kind of circumstance, and it's more easily done without a DVD. So, the idea of training as a Witcher, a Saiyan, a Sith, Korra, the Dragonborn and Mulan are all pretty exciting. There are many more that caught my eye, like Shepard, but it was very strength-focused and Super Saiyan and Dragonborn won out over it. I do intend to use the others that I spotted in the future, however.

   There's too much to talk about for each workout, as they're 6 individual routines rather than a single DVD, so I'm going to post Monday to Saturday about each in turn this week so I can look at them all a little closer.
   All the workouts are totally free, there's no membership fee, instead it's run entirely on donations, so, provided that the workouts are worth sticking to (which means I'm still using them 3 weeks from now), the money I would have spent on a workout DVD, I'll give to them instead. It's not much, but it's something, and I'll do the same again should I use some of their other workouts in this kind of structure in the future.

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