Wednesday 25 March 2015

Powergloves 2.0 by Powerhoop Review

   In 2013 I wrote a review about Powergloves - weighted gloves by Powerhoop with the most feminine look on the market. I loved them and really used them to death as they really gave my workouts a boost. I'd bought them rather than any other brand simply because pretty much all of the others out there looked really bulky and uncomfortable, like they were designed for men, and that they'd fall off, irritate me or just took themselves too seriously. No matter how hard I tried, however, I couldn't find any designed specifically for women, and while Powergloves are unisex, they at least look much less serious and far more managable, even if their weights are no different to any others.
   But, as I said, I used them to death, and they needed replacing in time which I did with no hesitation.
   As recently as a month ago, however, Powerhoop released a new model which got me quite excited (you all know what I'm like). They fortunately kept their comfortable and simple shape, but, unlike the old models which were colour-coded depending on their weight, these only come in black. "That's it? Has the weight not changed?" You may well ask, but the best part of this model - other than being black, which, lets face it, is always a wardrobe staple whether it be skirt, shirt or weighted glove - come only in 'one size'. Simply put: their weights are interchangable. Rather than buying three pairs in different weights, you buy one pair and change the weight yourself when you're ready to!

   The gloves contain sand bags - grey 250g and black 350g - that can be used individually or together in the same glove to weigh a total of 600g, meaning you can increase the weight gradually. The sand bags slot into the back of the glove from the inside, and while the insert slot may look unfinished, there are several practical benefits: no unnecessary materials have been used to fasten it shut as, once the glove has been fastened to your hand, the sand bags simply will not fall out because your hand is entirely blocking the way. Believe me, I've put these gloves under vigorous testing over the past month! It also avoids adding anything even as simple as Velcro that may only add irritation while in use, or some other kind of discomfort.

   These gloves can be used to give your cardio workouts a boost, or add a little bit more weight to resistance routines without having to buy a new set of dumbbells just for an extra 0.5kg (1lb). They're also amazing for kickboxing in particular as you can keep your hands in a fist and not have to worry about potentially dropping (or, heh, throwing) any dumbbells if your fist should loosen a little, and that adds extra resistance in particular to your hooks and uppercuts. You can also use them alongside a Powerhoop (each set of Powergloves have a 10% discount on any Powerhoop) should you have one and get a little bit of added resistance to your hooping routine - a workout I suggest you try if you haven't already, as it's certainly something unique.

   There is a downside to the gloves, however, and that's that the secondary weight is a little odd. The old gloves started at 250g, then went up to 500g and then to 1kg. To go up to 350g as these gloves do, however, increasing by just 100g is a little strange and I'd have expected to have been given a 250g and 500g sandbag. However, while Powergloves may not advise it as the gloves can surely only take a certain capacity, you could always make your own 500g sand bag to insert inside if it bothered you enough.

   That point aside, however, I can say the pros massively outweigh that single con, and I can highly recommend these gloves. As I've said several times already, they're very comfortable, and that counts for a lot when you're exercising. They look better than most gloves, too, and, above all else, they're affordable. I massively suggest buying them if you haven't already. I've tested them at all weights, but I'm using them at their max at the moment as I was using the blue 500g version of the old model before I replaced them with these.
   You can find them on the Powerhoop website and buy the gloves there or head over to Amazon, both stocked for just under £20, and, as I've already suggested, they can be used in most workouts.


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