Monday 8 October 2012

Getting to Know You

   I realise I've been quite detached from my blog lately. I'm not familiar with my readers all that much either, so I decided that, in the down time between my serious posts or while I'm trying to find time to write them between the other million things I have going on, I would try to get to know you all a little better.
   Every so often, I'm going to throw a question out there and I'm really excited to hear the answers - who doesn't enjoy talking about themselves? So feel free to be as longwinded in your response as you like!

   Personally, I'm a winter girl. I hate that in the summer it's impossible to keep cool without sitting about nekkid, but in the winter you can put on as many jumpers, socks and hot waterbottles as you like and get nice and cosy. I will admit I'm not a fan of winter light - the sun is so white and cold, and it's difficult to photograph anything well in it - but at the same time, it's the only time of year I really see the sunrise.
   Plus, y'know, Christmas.

Anyone else?


  1. I'm a summer chick! I love feeling warm air on my skin and being able to just walk outside without overloading on clothes. Plus, my husband has more free time in the summer and we get to travel more!

  2. I'm also a winter girl!
    I hate when I can't hide anywhere from the hellish temperatures, and breathe! And I'm in love with sweaters, jumpers, boots, scarves.. Not to mention the magic of December, snow, Christmas decorations, New Year.. Come on winter, hurry up! :-)

  3. Can't I choose fall?

    I don't really like either season. I hate being too hot or too cold. I hate fearing for my life when it snows. I hate heating bills and air conditioning bills.

    Fall is just so much EASIER!


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