Finding places to advertise your shop or blog can be a real pain. Sometimes you just can't find the right place to compliment your style, and sometimes if you do, the ads are overpriced, and, occasionally, if they're not overpriced, they're all booked up. On A Blackbird's Epiphany, sponsorship doesn't work that way. There are three ad spaces available: small, large, and post footer. But the post-footer, being the most effective place to advertise, is the only one purchaseable. Instead, the small and large ad spots are given away free every month, in a giveaway.
   Each giveaway, run by Rafflecopter, only has one entry: to follow the blog. This means that everyone has the same chances, and it also means that if you don't get a spot, it's not because it was all booked up. There are a set number of ads available: six small, and 3 large, which means that there will only be 9 winners, while there is also only one post footer ad space available.

   I don't like to charge too much for ads, because I can barely afford to advertise myself elsewhere as it is. Instead, I want to keep them low and affordable, regardless of how far my blog may go, so the price won't go up by much more even if I were to get 1,000 followers.

   Every sponsor, be they a winner or a paying sponsor, will be able to do a guest post or giveaway, or both. It would be hugely appreciated, however, if the guest posts and giveaways (you may write the entire post for a giveaway, or just part of it, and let me fill in my impressions and favourite items of your shop with the rest) could be submitted in HTML format - the easiest way to do this is to go to your blog, click "new post", write out your post, include pictures and links wherever you want them, then click "Edit HTML" or the equivalent, copy and paste the whole thing into an email to me and hit "send". This will keep the post looking how you want it to, and will save me a lot of time since I won't have to format it. 
   It is up to the sponsor to provide this, they will not be asked or chased up, instead it is their responsibility, but I do request that each sponsor be prepared to do so, though it is not mandatory.

   To purchase an ad space through paypal, please use the Paypal button below. It will purchase just one 180x200px sidebar ad space that will run for 30 days. Please ensure that you either:
• Send me the link to the image (ie. photobucket's service) and the URL that you want your ad to link to while paying through paypal
• Send me a seperate email immediately after payment with the image itself and the URL that you want your ad to link to.

   The ads will be sorted within 24 hours. If they are rejected, you will be refunded and your ad will not be put on the sidebar, so as I said before, keep it relevant.

Purchase a 30 day, 180x200px ad space

If you have any questions, contact me! I'm always happy to help.