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   I absolutely love Christmas! It's my favourite time of year! I love it when all the garden centres start setting up their displays in September, when Christmas cards start sneaking into the post office, advent calendars and malteser reindeer into the corner shop, and catalogues start coming in from Hotel Chocolat. I can smell the spices, I can taste the chocolate orange, feel the papercuts from the envelopes. It's amazing.
   And it always gets my creativity rolling! Aside from working hard on Christmas and wildlife jewellery for Myth of the Wild, I'm more inclined to experiment in the kitchen with both meals and snacks (unfortunately the light is so poor on an evening that meals rarely photograph well, and I'm not a food blogger so I'm not going to recreate a whole 4-serve dish in the middle of the day for the sake of a picture), and while I do try to keep focus on healthy recipes, cakes and sweets always sneak in. It's Christmas!
   I also craft more than I do through the rest of the year. My Etsy shop gets me so busy that I have to stop writing whatever book I'm working on for a month and a half because I haven't the time to get my head in gear for it, so I suppose it's in the lull between shop work that I find myself making tiny Christmas pinata, marshmallow topiaries or a means of sending a slice of cake instead of a Christmas card - which works, by the way!

   If you love Christmas and you're looking for festive Christmas recipes that aren't roast dinners, nutritious Christmas snacks, healthy versions of Christmas favourites or just some unique Christmas crafts for the table or a crafternoon, you're in the right place!

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