Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Book Release Tomorrow!

   Ohhh my goodness. The Sah'niir comes out tomorrow.
   I confess, I'm not actually quite as excited as I was when I released The Zi'veyn a year ago because The Sah'niir is the second in the trilogy, which means marketing isn't as straight forward - but I am excited. It's another book under my belt, after all, and I'm releasing The Sah'niir on The Zi'veyn's first birthday! I'm hoping to get the third and final book ready for August 1st 2020, but I don't honestly know how practical a plan that is. I'll try, though, but I'm not rushing anything. It should be out by winter 2020, though, and I'm working on getting Hlífrún (which falls between The Sah'niir and book three, as a stand-alone) out for summer 2020, if all goes well.

For now, though, The Sah'niir.
Kindle pre-order (£2.49)
(or search 'The Sah'niir' on your preferred Amazon/Kindle store)
Paperback will be available to purchase once live.

   Those who have read The Zi'veyn are aware of the sheer-faced cliff the story was left hanging from. The Sah'niir picks up a few weeks later, with the exception of the prologue. I've heard it said that if anything in the prologue or the epilogue was important, it would be in the chapters themselves, not added on 'as an after-thought'. I agree in many cases, and even my own prologues and epilogues move like that. I use them more like a passing glance through a window. Some people walk past a house and habitually peer in, just like some people read prologues and epilogues. Others continue on their way, satisfied with the world as it is, just like some people don't read prologues or epilogues. And that's just fine. I think you're missing out if you don't, but it's preference and I do follow the above idea: if it's important, it'll be in the book itself. Though they're never details that are 'added on as an after-thought'.
   I will also say, though, that I really, really enjoyed writing The Sah'niir's prologue.

   If you're one of those weird people that like to read part of the second book before reading the first, just to test the waters, there will be a free preview of the first 5 chapters of The Sah'niir (including the prologue) available to read as a Kindle sample or browser window once the book has been released. You weirdos. 


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