Thursday, 7 March 2019

World Book Day 2019 Giveaway

   Yes, it's that time of year. In the UK, anyway. I'm not so sure we can call it 'World' Book Day when it's only happening in the UK.
   It was originally created by Vicente Clavel AndrĂ©s in honour of Miguel de Cervantes, falling first on October 7th, the birth date of the Spanish writer, and then moved to April 23rd, the date of his death. In 1995 this became the official date, as it was also the anniversary of the deaths of many prominent writers, Shakespeare included.
   Then the UK decided to move it to March 7th so that it wouldn't clash with Easter or St George's Day. On April 23rd, however, the UK holds World Book Night. Again, in the UK.
   I shall keep my opinions on the matter to myself.

   Either way, this gives me two opportunities to promote my writing, and promote it, I will. But, because I can only hold a free Kindle book promo once every 3 months for each title, I have only one book to promote, and I'd rather keep that for the true World Book Day in April. Next year will be easier, as the second book of the trilogy will be out, too, so I can rotate!

   For now, though, I'm holding a giveaway across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to win an exclusive (ie PoD) hardback, signed copy of The Zi'veyn! Two winners will be picked from across all three platforms. Enter one, two or all three. They will all count!

Otherwise, The Zi'veyn is only £1.99 on Kindle, or free on Kindle Unlimited, and you can already read chapters 1-5 for free right here!


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