Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Lately [The Literary Edition]

   Wow, it has been a long time. And here I thought I'd been extra social this month. I suppose I have - just not around here. Yep, on January 10th I leapt out of my comfort zone and I have been floating ever since. But I don't want to talk about that sheer awesomeness just yet because it could all still fall through, and I don't have all of the details yet either. Even though I've been bouncing off of the walls ever since.

Photo is irrelevant, I took it at least 10 years ago. Perdy, though. And it was cold today.

   I've not made any headway towards my new year's resolution yet, but I have been very busy this month. As cryptically mentioned above, there's stuff a-happenin', but I've also taken a week out after finishing the leading draft of my book to get my Etsy shop together for a long stint of hopefully-I-don't-have-to-make-anything-else-for-a-while so that I can focus on my next period of redrafting, which started yesterday. I hope to have it out on the anniversary of The Zi'veyn (so around August), and I anticipate a month and a half's worth of work to get this leading draft, which is almost optimal, into optimal. But my eyes have been flicking around again and I've been getting headaches, so I think I'm finally going to go to the opticians and get my eyes checked. I am, after all, always staring at a white screen, and if I'm going to be reading on it uninterrupted for several hours a day for the next month or so, I'm going to need to make sure my eyes are as safe as possible.
   That said, I also admit that, if I need glasses, I'm going to have an hour and a half to kill out there while they put them together, so I'm tempted to wait for How To Train Your Dragon 3 to come out and then go. Because I need to see it, and I think it's worth breaking the one-cinema-trip-a-year habit for it. Even if I did go to see Fantastic Beasts 2 just 2 weeks ago. It's either that or mill around in a busy shopping centre, and neither of us are keen to do that.

   Between redrafting, I'm going to be working on the cover (more work with screens) and I've already begun fleshing out the plan for the third and final book of the trilogy, which, fortunately, I always do on paper. I find my imagination can flow more freely with pen and paper than on a laptop if there are lots of details that are likely to bog me down. Planning is hard, and not being able to write in margins when a thought occurs and instead trying to find where it should fit in with linear precision is a bit of a process-breaker. Only once I have the basic plan from start to finish will I type it up, then I go back and do it again, adding in more detail. Then again, with more detail, and then again, until I'm in a position to start writing.
   I don't generally get the details in for the entire plan, however. I flesh out the story, of course, and all the important events, but otherwise, as long as the first quarter of the plan is well-established with detail, I can start writing, and trust that the rest of the plan will come to life and fill itself in. And it always does. I don't think you can see my haphazard process in my books, but it's the process I've always used and it works for me. It's never held me back, and having a little freedom can help keep the enthusiasm as well as give some wiggle room to get out of writer's block or similar.

   As far as exercise goes, I'm approaching the end of this 3-month training plan and I'm still really feeling it, which is great, but I'm also running a bit of an experiment, so the next two months will be a bit jumbled in terms of general set-up, but hopefully I'll have results and a few articles to share with you in that time. Our lakeside honeymoon/1 year anniversary trip is coming up in a few months, so if this works out, it couldn't be better timing. If it all fails, well, I've either done something wrong, or I need professional help.


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