Tuesday, 8 January 2019

It's January 8th And I've Hit a Milestone Already

   It was my goal to finish writing the leading draft of the second installment of my trilogy, The Devoted, by the end of 2018. I failed, but only because I was enjoying myself. It wasn't procrastination, it was enjoying the only two weeks of the year I will allow myself to sit down and truly do nothing. I watched old TV - Blackadder and Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em first, then my new boxset of As Time Goes By, since I got that for Christmas (finished it in a week and a half, loved it) - and movies (working through the John Wayne westerns boxset), read books and generally just chilled out. It was wonderful. And Seeg began playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and though it's a bit poorly put together, it has thus far been enjoyable. We're presently level 22 and heading to Argos to speak to Hippokrates.

   And so, it was only because I took some much-needed time out that I didn't meet my personal goal, and I don't feel bad about that. Especially when I consider that, as I got back to work on December 30th and I write this announcement on January 8th, I could have certainly managed it with ease.
   Yes, last night, I finished my leading draft of the second book - that is to say, it has been written in full. It's a massive milestone, 80% of the work is done, and it hasn't really sunk in yet, in part because I still have 2 chapters to re-draft before I start the next huge stage of development (it's not technically finished yet), but it's still wonderful, and I can't stop smiling.
   The next stage should take a couple of months and consists of proof-reading it a few times and tweaking things. It's already been through a few redrafts, but it is finally in a readable state.
   I'm going to take a week or so off before beginning that in order to bulk-craft some stock for Etsy, then I'm hoping to be able to start with minimal interruptions. Then comes work on the cover, which I hope will be quicker than the first since I worked out a lot of the process on that one, but it still won't be quick. They're similar, but will require the bases drawn from scratch all the same. I wish I could hire someone to do it, because it's not my forté and I know many people have looked at it and not gone ahead and read it because they're put off, but it's all I have. It's a real shame. But I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't proud of the fact that not only did I write the book but also made the covers, and if I were to say that I thought they were awful. They're good enough, for now. And I really enjoy having an excuse to use my graphics tablet. It's so satisfying to draw with it, and time just melts away.

   I said on twitter recently that I was hoping to get it finished by the end of this week - or, better still, by my birthday. Well, it's my birthday tomorrow, and I finished it quite comfortably last night, without rushing or pressure or cutting corners, and even managed to redraft two chapters earlier that afternoon, which means I only have two left. So that's a wonderful birthday gift, and one of the best things I could get.
   Even so, there's an unopened package from Victoria's Secret, another from Bird & Blend, and a box of Charbonnel et Walker mint & matcha caramel truffles waiting for me tomorrow morning. It's no bad thing to buy yourself a few birthday gifts, as long as you buy things no one else would have bought you. And as for Victoria's Secret...well they're jim jams. I love pyjamas.


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