Monday, 18 June 2018

Cheng - Kim Loke Gallery, Exhibit 2018

   Yes, that's right, my second art exhibit in the Cheng - Kim Loke Gallery in WWT Slimbridge is up! We all headed out there yesterday morning - Father's Day and my 1 month wedding anniversray - and my husband and I set it all up! I was so nervous the first time I did this back in 2015, but this year I was so very calm but for a brief pang of nerves as I walked through the door. But, having had experience with the gallery and generally setting up an exhibit, this time went much smoother and quicker. Although, I'm credited as Kim Wedlock rather than my brand spanking new name, but we won't worry about that! I'm continuing to publish my books under that name, anyway.

   I've got 6 plinths displaying 96 of my animal jar/wildlife terrarium necklaces, and they feature brand new pieces as well as those from past collections. Some pieces sold out fast on Etsy, like my leaf-nosed bats or my puffins, and others are still for sale like the fox cub and emperor penguin chick. All pieces are available for sale direct from the gallery, a portion of which goes to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, and it runs from June 17th to September 14th.
   It was wonderful setting up, too. As Seeg and I worked along the plinths, people came and peered in behind us, and about 10 minutes after we'd put the final casing back on, and we probably looked like general visitors, a kid about 15, one who didn't look as though he'd be interested at all, peered into the furthest plinth from us, smiled, stepped back, took out his phone and took a picture of the whole display. It. Made. Me. So. Happy.
   When someone purchases a piece - parting with hard-earned money - it's the ultimate compliment. BUT, I sell online, which means I never see people looking and smiling at my stuff, I never hear the praise or the gasps of surprise. So, actually, this gallery exhibit gives me something I value just as much, if not more: the knowledge that even people who aren't looking to buy like it.

   It's been a source of stress on top of everything else, but as it was booked in about a year and a half ago, I've been able to seriously spread out the work - and now that the collection and set-up is done, I finally have some free time on my hands!
   I'm still working on the cover of my next book, and it's taking a while because I'd always rather write than draw, but it's a necessity if I want to get it out on the shelves. Who wants a coverless book?! So I'm still plodding away on that, and now I have more time for it.
   I'm also still writing the book that will follow, of course, and I'm about half way, which is just great. I'm really enjoying it and I am so confident that this trilogy is so much stronger than The Archguardians of Laceria. Every single day I just can't wait to get to work on it! I honestly can't fathom people who don't write. It sounds silly, but I genuinely can't work out what they think about all day...
   Oh, and, if you didn't catch it, I found Core de Force so awesome that the initial plan of using it as a 2-week hiatus from resistance training has collapsed into a full month of use before I start my next training plan. I practically leap out of bed on a morning, raring to go!

   Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty good...
   *enter pessimism* Something awful is going to happen, isn't it?


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