Monday, 7 August 2017

I Think I'm Ready For Book Two!

   After 11 weeks rigidly redrafting my last book, the first of two, I called it more or less done on July 10th, which I announced with my very first vlog. Since then I have had my nose glued instead to notebooks and text files putting together the plan for the next. This usually takes a long time, but as this isn't a new story - new world, new characters, new plot - it was much easier because most things were already established. Though the plot does take a sudden 180 at the end of the first book, so there was still a lot to work out and it does feel like a new story, but the technical bits that take the longest were done years ago.

   I admit, I'm daunted, but only because it matters to me. I know I can do it, and do it well enough, and I'm very confident in the direction of the story, the revelations and the ending itself. It's just a big undertaking, and with the first half of the story already done, I worry I might forget something, a small but ultimately significant detail. I'm trying not to get in my head about it because that will just make it harder to begin, and I'm so very excited to start. And as it's only been three and a half months, since April 20th, that I've not really written creatively, it shouldn't take long to find my feet again.

   I am just so excited, and frightened. But I want to get on with it! Especially since the first book has been put away for the time being until I'm at a comfortable place in this one. Only once I'm about half way through here can I submit the first to agents (and then, inevitably, self-publish).
   But I've kept myself on short reins. I've forced myself to take the past two days off (which I almost never, ever do - if I have time to chill, I have time to write), giving myself the chance for my mind to slow down as well as remember details that may have slipped past - while redrafting I made notes of details I encountered as I went to make sure they were addressed, just in case I forgot something (I didn't) - and watched Seeg play Last of Us for the fourth time. Rather conveniently, he finished the game 11pm last night, so I have no distractions this evening and I feel fully refreshed and raring to go.

   Wish me luck! I'm so excited!!


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