Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Something A Bit Different...[Vlog]

   How's that for something a bit different?
   I've wanted to make a video blog for ages but I've never felt that I had anything worth the trouble of making a video to say. But, when I finished my book on the weekend, and I was so excited, I decided to just go for it. Because what do I have to lose?
   Like I said in the video, I've felt for a long time that my blog has lacked personality, so I wanted to imprint myself on it a little bit more. But this won't be a frequent occurrence because my rate of news probably won't change at all. But I'm happy with it this way.
   Oh, and excuse the accent. It's atrocious, I know. I was raised in north Bristol where everyone speaks properly, but my parents are both from south Bristol so they and their families talk with rolling R's and rougher country accents. So my accent is a peculiar fusion. One which I've only just become aware of. Frightfully aware.

   Anyway, as I said in my very first vlog, I've finished my book!! Yes, after 11 weeks of rigid work I've finished redrafting, tweaking, adjusting and polishing; the whole thing has been formatted and is ready for printing barring the absence of a cover, which I'm hoping to get done...at...some point. But like I also said, this book is the first of two, so I'm going to sit on this book for a while until I'm in a comfortable place with the next, then I'll submit it to literary agents. And when they reject it - because timing in the market and their own workload is just as relevant a factor as the writing itself - I'll self-publish it. I'm so much more confident in this one than The Archguardians of Laceria (which you can read the first chapter of for free here), but even that one I felt was good when I wrote it. So I'm hoping this one truly is better. And when it's published, I'll definitely be sending this one out to my favourite fantasy book bloggers!


   I also shared my new Asian wildlife jewellery collection, which has started to roll out today. I'm listing two a day, starting with the full collection bundle listing and the individual sika deer today, and by Friday evening they'll all be up! Yay! I don't expect them to do very well, but only because some of the animals like the crane and the takin are kind of obscure. But if I wanted to make things just to make money, I'd be making dogs and cats. When was the last time I had either of those listed that weren't leopards or wolves? It's true I don't enjoy it as much as I used to, but that's all the more reason to stick to making the things I want to make. And I'm lucky to receive custom requests, too. I've had one for a platypus, one for a hippo, one for a group of meerkats, and I got another unusual request just last night! I wouldn't get those kinds of interesting requests if I didn't make such specific pieces.

   Anyways, I'll video blog again, because I enjoyed it, but it will be a way off. They'll be tagged 'vlog', so you'll be able to find what few I make easily enough.

   Also, I have no idea how to say goodbye. And I didn't want to refilm it because then it would be stiff and forced. And that was so not the point. If I look foolish, I look foolish. I am foolish. This is me.

I do not own the music used in this video. Bowerlake, Autumn, from Fable 2


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