Monday, 5 June 2017

The Archguardians of Laceria is 1 Year Old!

   EEE!! My book is 1 year old! I published it on June 4th 2016 and it's just had its first birthday!
   It's done better than I expected it to have in that time, but a great deal of that is down to the week it was available for free on Kindle while it was a part of KDP Unlimited, which I couldn't continue if I wanted to distribute it onto other platforms like Nook, Kobo and iBooks. Which, if I'm honest, I don't feel has paid off, but I don't want to limit myself to just Kindle.
   But, when you consider the fact that I have no idea how to advertise, nor am I confident enough to present it to book bloggers and ask them to review it, so all the exposure it has gotten has been through this blog and my meagre twitter account, I'm kind of pleased with what I've done with it.

   I'm really pleased with where I am at the moment, too. Having published The Archguardians of Laceria one year ago, I'm presently redrafting my next book - one unrelated to Archguardians, set in a different world, with different cultures, different magic and so on - after having completed it a month or so ago, and once I'm satisfied with it, I'll get to work on the next. This book is the first of two, and while I was planning on holding the first back until the second is complete, I might actually submit it to agencies when I'm a comfortable point in the second instead, one third, half way, something like that. I don't know yet.
   If I'm honest, I'm actually surprised by my position. One year after publishing one book, I'm almost ready to publish another!

   As it's the book's birthday, I'm hosting another book bundle giveaway! Pictured above, it includes: a paperback copy, rakikik necklace or keychain (winner's choice), flower necklace from the pages of the test print book, jar of Alvetha's tea, sticker, a copy of the map of Laceria printed on parchment.
   It's open worldwide until June 19th. Enter via the rafflecopter widget below. The entries will be checked at the end of the competition and the winner will be contacted directly on the 20th with 72 hours to respond and accept the prize. If the entries are false or the winner doesn't respond within the specified time frame, a new winner will be chosen.

Giveaway is closed.
The winner has been contacted & accepted their prize!

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