Saturday, 2 July 2016

Sample The Archguardians Of Laceria For Free

   So, I've gone on and on about my book over the past few years, talking about its progress, about finally finishing it, tidying and polishing, reaching out to agents and the eventual availability of it on Kindle, and I am immensely proud of it. I can't believe it's finally out there for the world to see, and has been for a month now. It's such an enormous sense of accomplishment.
   But then comes the big question: is my book worth your time?
   It's fantasy, which right away eliminates a wide audience because fantasy isn't for everyone. But it's been my life since I was 12 and I rarely read anything but. But even then, not all fantasy I read do I enjoy, and it's likely the same for you.
   Fortunately, while my debut book is available for £4.99/$7.50 on Kindle, you can read a good chunk of it for free to see how you like it. Perhaps you're interested in what all my hype was about; perhaps you're interested in seeing my work, but not prepared to commit to a whole book - I can understand that. In which case, please do read the below excerpt. I don't expect the world to love it, but I certainly enjoyed writing it. And in the end, that's what truly counts.
   Though I hope you do love it. Like I've said time and again, I want to find enough success with writing to be able to keep doing it...

Get The Archguardians of Laceria in full, for free, until August 8th!

   The Archguardians Of Laceria will be coming to the iBookstore, NOOK, Kobo and more in September. Until then, it will be available for free on Amazon to those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited as part of KDP Select. The price will stay the same across all platforms where possible.


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