Thursday, 14 April 2016

Fantastic Fantasy Inspired Interiors

   So, fantasy is my world, right? I mean, I live it, breathe it; fitness is a bit of an obsession, but even that passion has a firm foot in fantasy. I imagine myself doing all kinds of crazy things while working out, even when it isn't a Darebee workout. It also has a tendency to slip into my writing, in fact; certain respectful movements cultures make, meditation of certain faiths and, more obviously, fighting, it's all written from physical experience.
   When I've got the time and the space, I want to make my home a fantasy haven. It simply will happen. It can't go any other way, and with Seeg being just as obsessed with fantasy as me (though he's not as cool because he doesn't imagine himself as a mage or a wondering duelist while working out), it would only be encouraged.
   But while that means I'd love to completely reconstruct walls and rooms to fit this, that just isn't possible right now. This is on my mind so often it's almost sad.
   However, that just makes it all the more exciting for me to have Chloe Taylor take over my blog today! She's quite simply awesome: art historian, recreational ballet dancer and geek. She's my kind of girl, and she also has a passion for interior design. She's a regular writer for Smooth Decorator but she's taken a moment to write the following post just for us! So if you want to indulge your need to express your love for fantasy and gaming in your home, Chloe has provided us with a few different means, from simple products and DIYs, right down to inspiration for completely redecorating your home. I will certainly be answering the call.

   While some like to believe that being a fantasy enthusiast is a hobby, in truth it is more of a lifestyle. Whether the main reason for this is some sense of high adventure or an escape into the fantasy world, from time to time you might feel the need to transfer a bit of this magic into a real life. This is when things get really interesting. For example, you can always design your home to match your favorite fantasy franchise or just optimize it to be “geek-friendly”. Regardless of what you decide to go for, here are some ideas for the ultimate fantasy-inspired interiors.

Gaming Den

   Gamers of the world unite, no matter if you are a console fan or a member of the glorious PC master race, since everyone can use a genuine gaming den every now and then (rhyme intended). Here, you naturally need to place your monitor (or monitors) as a focal point of the room and orient all the rest towards it. What you need to do is to follow pretty much the same principles if you were to build a home theatre. The walls should be of nonreflecting color which means that black dark burgundy or dark red. Most of your budget should be appointed towards getting the right seating and a portable fridge should always be close by. When you come to think about it, this is probably the only proper way to play Skyrim or The Witcher 3.

Going for the right theme

   Although it is true that golden days of World of Warcraft (TBC and WotLK) are forever gone, this doesn’t mean that WoW is going to be surpassed as an MMO anytime soon. So, why not transfer a bit of this enthusiasm in your bedroom as well?

   You can start by putting a horde or alliance (if you are that kind of person) emblem onto the wall just to set off on the right foot.  Furthermore, you can get someone to paint your walls into World of Warcraft landscapes or even do it on your own if you have that kind of an artist in you. As a final touch, with a lot of work and will, you can even dress your chair to look like the Frozen Throne (or the closest thing you can get to it). 

Big Screen of Silver Screen Fantasy

   Gaming is not the only source of fantasy and some people draw their inspiration from big screen of silver screen. Here of course the flagships of the genre, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, play the most prominent roles. As of late and Peter Jackson's revamping of the genre, dressing your room as a Hobbit hole is getting more and more popular amongst the fans. Simply, go for as much wood and vintage furniture as you can (even if it means restoring some of your old one) and add a cozy rug to wrap things up

   Another crucial theme for this genre is that you go full elven in your design, which usually means two things. First one is that white should always be your predominant color, and second that silky-curtains and branch and half-moon motifs should be everywhere.

   As for the Game of Thrones, the optimal solution would be to choose a noble house you want to swear your allegiance to and dress up your room in their colors. This means that you can go grey, white and light blue for Stark and gold and crimson for Lannister. Also, going with natural materials like teak, hardwood and even wool will always look Westerosi. Last but not the least important, if you are a huge Tyrell fan, don’t forget to enhance your room with a multitude of floral motifs or even some fresh flowers (if the season is right).

Futuristic Motifs

   Sure, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones work just fine for some people, but not everyone is a fan of fantasy. Some people simply prefer Sci-Fi to it. For starters, if you are not that much into distant future you can always go for something similar to a Back to the Future (which as of late may also be counted as an alternate history). Still, what most people go for are either Star Wars or Star Trek inspired rooms. Luckily, all of these franchises are so popular that it is not that hard finding furniture and accessories made in this manner for your room. On the other hand, DIY is always more fun, so you might decide to customize some of your already existent furniture in order to make it more Sci-Fi-like.

   For Star Wars, you have two major themes, light and dark side. The most obvious room color choices are light or dark blue with star-like wall ornaments to further enhance the impression of space. Furthermore, you can always put in some more effort and disguise your bed to seem as a Star Wars vessel, speeder or even imperial walker. Finally, you can easily dress your teddy bear into a genuine Ewok and in this way make the impression that your room makes complete.

   As you can see, your options are quite numerous and all that is left for you to do is decide on what kind of design would suit you the most. Once you have that covered, you need to compose a thorough plan and then spring into action to make it all come true. Some items you need to be on lookout for, some you will have to make and sometimes you will just have to improvise. This, however, is where the real fun begins...


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