Saturday, 8 June 2013


   As you all surely know by now, my aspiration in life is to become a successful, published fantasy author. While I believe I have the talent (I'm not being big-headed, I'm being honest) to get somewhere, it's convincing agents I'm worth the trouble. They get so very many submissions all the time, a lot of which are rubbish, but they get a lot of good ones too, and those are the competition. I have to get lucky enough to send something good in to the right person at the right time - when they're looking for a new author, and every submission they've had so far since deciding that doesn't quite cut it.
   I'm no fool, while I'm certain I have the talent, I realise it can take a long time for anyone to be willing to take a chance on me. I'm prepared for even more rejections, and have no intentions of stopping. My first book I submitted was rejected from the only 5 agencies in the UK that accept fantasy - that number is one that would make most people give up. 5 agencies for my genre? I may as well just write fiction! But I hate fiction. It just isn't enough for me. I hate reading it, and I hate writing it. If there is no magic, or no fantastical beasts, then I'm not interested.
   But I'm not going to give up. I completed the first book to my trilogy, and no one wanted it. That's fine. I've put it safely to one side, along with the first 6 chapters of the second book, and the plan for the rest of the trilogy. I may come back to it and rewrite the beginning and give it another shot, because I'm still confident in that story.

    I started work a few months ago on another book entirely. I began writing chapter 5 just last night. The full plan is complete, and while at this stage it doesn't compare to my trilogy, I know that, over time, I can make it better with new and appropriately-timed ideas. And when I've finished this, I'll send it out to agencies and start immediately on whatever book I plan to write next. And when I get my rejections from this book, I'll already be writing the next, and when that's complete, I'll send that out and work on something else. I'm going to keep playing that loop until I get somewhere, because I love writing. I love creating my own world, my own characters, my own sciences, I love learning things while writing, like about how sieges work, how different people react to death, how the body works and how it can be manipulated to make certain fantastical characteristics viable. I love it so much.

   My other aspiration is in the same vain: for a long time, I've also wanted to write and publish an official World of Warcraft book. The reason for this is that I've read every single novel (not the comics, only the books - I seriously struggle to read comics), and through those, and the game itself, I have become quite familiar with and fond of the lore of the world. It might seem ridiculous to people who don't play games, but, given that World of Warcraft has been around for 9 years this November, and Warcraft has been about for 10 years on top of that, the story is quite huge. The story of the games and the world has expanded enormously, and it only grows with every new expansion. I am most interested in the Orcs and the Orcish Horde, but there are many books already on that subject. I'd love to do a book about the War of the Shifting Sands, in truth, but that was already done in the form of a short story on the official Warcraft website. I'd also love to do a book about Medivh, doubtlessly one of my favourite characters in the whole of the world of Warcraft, and so far only really a short story (the longest short story in the single book) was printed in the Archives about him. He is simply awesome.
   But to write a World of Warcraft book, officially, I have to get somewhere with my own writing first, to sort of prove my worth. There are only two consistant writers who cover the books at the moment - Richard A. Knaak, and Christie Golden, the latter of whom actually plays the game. I don't expect to join them. I'd be more than happy with just one book. But this is just a sort of 'side quest' if you will. I care more for making success with my own works than writing the story of someone else's - but I'd just love to finally get so involved into the world as to write an official one. Well it would have to be official, wouldn't it? I'd get sued otherwise!

   I'm not sure why I've written this post. I just had to get this out. I have some degree of confidence that I can get where I want to, eventually, and I also have no intention of giving up this blog. I suppose, really, I'm writing this so that, if I truly am still updating ten or twenty years from now, when I'll have hopefully achieved both of the above goals, that I'll be able to smile and laugh about my enthusiasm, and remind myself that it's all payed off.
   Everyone needs dreams. These are mine, and will have been for 10 years this October. Yes, I even remember when I first decided that this was what I wanted to do.


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