Sunday, 27 January 2013

100 Sales & Agencies

   It has finally happened. I hit 100 sales the other day. It's such a wonderful feeling - Etsy isn't something I want to do with my entire life, but considering that it's all I can do while I'm caring full-time for my mother, it's really quite amazing.
   The money is always a big help - it goes towards games and books for "research" into current fantasy, and it also helps me to make more products and carry my dreams of writing further.

   I've also decided that I'm going to attempt to send my trilogy out to agencies again. I tried this before, but I left out the part that it was a trilogy. So as far as they were concerned, I was sending them a single book with a slow beginning, and an unfinished synopsis. I don't think this particularly helped me, but I did it because a lot of people said it would be better than telling them that it was a trilogy. I disagree with this now, and have decided to try again. This time, however, I am sending out the synopsis for the first book, AND a synopsis for the full trilogy. I'm not sending any chapters, because they have already read the first three, so I am asking them to let me know if they would prefer to reread the first three chapters, or prefer a consecutive three chapters from elsewhere in the book.
   So far, the first book is complete, and I'm one third, or perhaps one quarter, the way through the second. The third is still being planned.
   However, through my eagerness to get my career off the ground, I put my trilogy to one side some months ago and began work on a stand-alone book that may help. I am only a small way in at the moment, but it's going well, and I've rediscovered my passion.

   I realise that it will take me some time to get where I want to be - though in truth all I want is a career in writing, to be able to support myself and my family with that alone; I don't need to be a millionaire, not at all. In fact, I'm not even sure I'd want that.

   I'm still working on the 'Writing Tips' posts. I have one that still needs completing, while the remaining few are still scheduled to post. If anyone has any topic they'd like covered in a post, then there is a contact button at the bottom of the collective page. Use that and let me know! I don't bite, and quite enjoy writing them!

   I hope you're all well. The snow has cleared up over here. It's been a bit hectic since England is so completely not used to snow, but we've managed! :D



    I'm so pleased to hear you made it to the big 100!
    What a fantastic achievement :D It's so hard to crack Etsy and I think it's an incredible achievement to make so many sales. Well done :D And here's to the next 100 too!!

    Good luck for trying the agencies again also - I think that it's just a matter of time before you crack them too :)


  2. Those necklaces are down right adorable! I just added your shop to my favorites list! Ten cheers to you for the 100 mark!!! I'm still working on my shop products before I post them and open my Etsy store. So I hope to learn much from you as I begin to follow your lovely posts. Keep us posted on any progress with those agencies! Cheers, Aubrey


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