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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Godling

   The Witcher. I love it. It's a bit of a rough game, set in a rough world which doesn't usually appeal to me, but the depth of the history, the world, the races and nations, it's just awesome and has even managed to shoot itself up to second place in my all time favourite games. I love the story and the world, but even the elements of the game itself amazes me. I love meteorology, so I love the diverse range of weather present, too, and the fact that it has an impact on combat. Water-loving monsters like Drowners, for example, are much stronger in the rain, and you're more likely to encounter certain creatures in certain weather for similar reasons. Like when slugs come out after the rain.
   I also love that not all creatures are bad. It's a Witcher's job to keep the peace between people and creatures, and not all of them are a threat. Not every werewolf is going to kill you on sight, and not every godling is going to try to trick you to death. Some Witchers will kill any beast for the right price, but others - like Geralt - look deeper into each situation and decide case by case whether a creature needs to die.
   Godlings are my favourite. Loud-mouthed children, really, but they look amazing, with immensely deep and massive eyes. They're tricksters really, but they're fabulous. I've not played the first or second Witcher games (it's very unusual for me to jump into the third installment of a story like this, but we were filled in on the previous two stories well enough that we didn't feel we were missing much), but the first godling you encounter is Johnny, whose voice was stolen. He helps you out, you help him out, he gets his voice back and sings childish songs in a cockney accent, and doesn't shut up from that point onwards. I adore him.
   Aaaand so, because I quite suddenly have so much time on my hands, I decided to break out my pencils for the first time since October and do a little drawing.
   Of a godling. And Christmas. Obviously.
   And I realise that few of my readers will appreciate this, but it's my space and if I want to nerd out for a moment, I will, as you all well know.

   Merry Christmas!


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