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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Barn Owl, Tiger and Custom Cat Jars in Peaches and Pebbles

   Yup, a few more new products have made it into the shop at last! The barn owl jar is half a centimetre taller than the normal large jars, but the tiger and cats are average. The barn owl and the tiger are one-offs, however, additional pieces I made for the exhibit next year, and so they're not likely to be back in the shop for some time. The cat jar, however, is custom-painted, so you can choose the breed you want from the drop-down menu. The perfect Christmas gift for a crazy cat lady! But, as always, I love custom orders, so if you wanted a jar of your pet dog or pet cat, the piece will be much better and the shape will be very different.

   I said 'breed' at the beginning of the post, but what I really mean 'colour'. I'm a dog person, and as ashamed of it as I am, this is unfortunately quite accurate:


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