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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Customised Clothing and Personalised Valentine Gifts

   Valentine's Day is nearly upon us. Seeg and I don't usually do much, we just watch a movie and spend some time together, and keep all the gift giving and flowers and balloons (there's never balloons, but I hope he'll give me one one day!) for our anniversary in  May. But that doesn't mean I turn a blind eye to it. We usually say (mutually, I promise) that we're not going to bother with Valentine's Day, but I usually end up making something for him anyway.
   I really love the effort people go through when they make things for Valentine's Day, and perhaps it's the child in me, but I really love "Sue and Frank Forever" - it's really silly, and it's never something I'd wear out, but I'd love a really silly and childish "Kim and Seeg Forever" jumper to lounge about it at home in the winter.
   I think customised gifts for Valentine's Day and anniversaries is a nice thought. Sometimes they can be cheesy, other times they can be thoughtful. I was thinking about getting Seeg a really silly Kim and Seeg 4 eva t-shirt for Valentine's Day that he would never wear just for a laugh, but as I thought about it I started looking things up. I was recently doing some drawings that I'm super proud of and would love on a t-shirt, and I found Custom Planet. They've got a huge selection of things that are customisable, and most notably (on a personal note) aprons and tote bags. I've recently become obsessed with shopping bags, and I'm in great need of an apron. Any time I bake I make a mess. I'm going to make cookies later today and I just realised I put on black this morning. I will definitely need to change first or I'll be the ghost of a flour miller.
   They seem like a really good place to get t-shirts printed for promotions or charity events or something, which seems pretty cool! I've wanted to participate, or even organise a running event, but I fear I'd never succeed with actually running it and it would be a bit embarrassing. But it's an idea I've had for a long time, and I think promotional t-shirts could be a great way to advertise it.

   I'll think more on making a silly customised jumper with silly childish slogans on them, either for myself or for Seeg, but I will think more seriously on getting my drawings printed up and perhaps finally designing myself an apron!
   But in the festivities of Valentine's Day to be soon upon us, I decided to make a mood board featuring customised Valentine gifts. Because.

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