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Friday, 12 October 2012

Destroy This Journal Competition Winner

   The Destroy This Journal competition has come to an end. The competition didn't get the reception that I had hoped for, but the entries we've received have been wonderful. Real work has gone into them, as well as heart, and I truly do love each of them. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, but each participant has received generous discounts in several Etsy stores as a participational prize and a thank you for putting in the effort.

   The winner, however, is Mima Tims, who grasped her imagination much firmer than any of us expected, and made her journal into a dress. Yes, a dress. Congratulations, Mima, you have won:

A baby monster from Grumble Cave Monsters
A necklace of your choice from Peaches and Pebbles
A handmade golden journal from isavirtue
A pack of handmade teal envelopes from isavirtue
A handmade necklace from Whispering Sweetly
A handmade card from LastSarahAnn
Any pair of button earrings from Emsawhatsy
3 rolls of washitape from
A month of advertisement space on A Blackbird's Epiphany
a $20 gift card for Camera Coats

   Congratulations again, to Mima, as well as Sarah and Julie, whose entries are also shown below. Go and give them some love - they've earned it.

Mima's dress

Sarah's journal

Julie's journal


  1. Now that is something I really didn't think of - journal becomes clothing! Wow! Funnily enough the one thing I was really looking forward to with the idea of winning was one of the little grumble cave monsters. I'm such a softy!

    Thanks for hosting the competition Kim.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Cusiosity

  2. Wow! That dress is crazy awesome!


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